Our baby girl turns 11…


They were right when they say “don’t blink”. Some days it seems like everything in between the day they were born and the day of their current birthday is just a blur. Gosh we love this girl. She is everything and so much more. She is wild and creative and full of wonder. She is tough, she has to be, she’s the only girl of 3 brothers. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her feelings get hurt quickly. She loves ballet, her puppy, drawing, sports and every little creature that crosses her path. She believes in taking care of the Earth and doing what’s right. She has a sweet tooth and she’s a chipoholic. She loves her friends and her family and would give anything to see them happy. She is our Rhiya Rue, Rueski, Peanut butter, Babygirl. And she is 11 today. Happy Birthday Rhiya Kendall, we love you with all our heart❤︎

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